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Courses according to the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association`s guidelines

Flange work NOG 143 (OLF 118)


Valve Technology NOG 143 (OLF 119)


Fittings NOG 143 (OLF120)


The challenge

NOG`s Gas Leak Project aims to reduce the number of gas leaks on the Norwegian shelf. One of the most important project initiatives is to enhance the skills of personnel working with hydrocarbon-bearing equipment on the Norwegian shelf. In conjunction with this project, new requirements have been introduced for certification and recertification throughout the entire industry- based on curricula developed by the Gas Leak Project.

Our approach

We cover the critical procedures related to flanges, valves and fittings by means of combination of classroom training and hands-on exercises

The result

Handbooks have been prepared containing the basic containing basic of theoretical background behind the of NOG guidelines. To date, three handbooks have been 


Bergen Ekspertisesenter AS also provides consulting services addressing operations using, and technical problems, with flanges, valves and fittings.

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