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Valve Technology NOG 143 ( olf 119)


Course calender with avalible seats

About the course:

This course is part of the NOG industry requirements project designed to provide training in the structure , function, operational safety, sources of leaks and maintenance of the most common types of valves.

Duration of training , a minimum of 37.5 hours spread over 5 days.

Target group:

Operations and maintenance personnel, technical planners, mechanics employed by contractors, project personnel, and purchasers


This course is based on the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association's manual "Håndbok i ventilteknikk". involves a combination of theory and practical exercises concluding with an online exam application and concludes with a web-based exam, that takes about 2 hours to complete.

This course will provide participants the skills they need to make their day-to-day work with valves simpler and safer.

Course content:

- Optimal operation of different types of valves
- Identification of the differences between valve types
- Checks to see if valves are functioning properly
- Test valves
- Performance of 1st line maintenance
- Ensuring that valves are and remain atmospherically sealed
- Installation and dismantling of valves


48 months


Register here or send a request to: kontakt@bexas.net

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