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Valve Technology - Refresher course


Course calender with avalible seats

About the course:

This refresher courseis part ofthe NOGindustry requirementsproject designed to provide training in the structure, function, operational safety, sources of leaks and maintenance of the most common types of valves.

The objective of this courseis tohelp participants maintainand develop theirknowledge ofvalvetechnology. The course includes general information about valves, valve operation, construction, operation and maintenance of the most common types of valves.


The course is conducted online and takes about 4 hours to complete.


Participants must have passed the approved five-day valve technology course.

Target group:

Operation andmaintenance personnel, subject coordinators, planners, mechanics employed by contractors, project and procurement personnel.


48 months



Registrer here or send a request to: kontakt@bexas.net

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