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Fittings and small bore tubing systems - Refresher course


Course calender with places available

About the course:

All personnel who intend to supervise or carry out independent work (executing skilled workes) on tubing systems and associated fittings must previously have completed NOG-approved training and passed the NOG exam. Emphasis will be focused on fittings and tubing systems other than Swagelok, Gyrolok and Parker / A-Lok. Personnel intended to work with other types of fittings should also have provider approved training. At high pressures fittings such as Autoclave, Butech, HIP etc. are used, such operations must be performed by skilled personnel who have recived supplier- approved training in high-pressure fitting..

Target group:

Operations and maintenance personnel, technical planners, mechanics employed by contractors, project personnel and purchasers.

Duration 4 hours


48 months


Register here or send a request to:kontakt@bexas.net

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